Virtual Bible Tours

Would you love to be able to have a tour of a museum with a knowledgeable guide who can show you art and artifacts that will make the Bible come alive? My Virtual Bible Tour Group does just that. They offer virtual tours of museums.

The tours focus on various displays and art can that teach you about the Bible. They have tours about Esther, the apostle Paul and his missionary tours, and Rembrandt’s Bible scene paintings. There are tours of the Smithsonian Natural Sciences museum that teach about creation.

The tours are free of charge and last about 1 hour and 30 minutes. They are offered using Zoom and at various times during the day and evening throughout the week and weekend. The tour guides are volunteers giving up their own time and resources for your benefit and encouragement. If you would like to show appreciation with a monetary gift to the tour guide you are welcome to do so and they can provide you with their contact information.

To learn more or to reserve a spot on a tour visit the website for My Virtual Bible Tours at .

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Did the Apostle Paul like Doughnuts?

Maybe. The early Romans had a version of doughnuts call “globi”, which means balls in Latin. The recipe comes from a Roman soldier, politician and author named Cato the Elder who lived from 234-149 B.C.E. A book of his called De agri cultura  (On Agriculture) has survived down to today and contains some ancient Roman recipes including the one for globi. These little doughnut holes taste like a deep fried cheesy sweet doughnut. These treats are simple to make and could be a fun and delicious treat to enjoy during your family worship. Here is a link to the recipe on a website called A Dollop of History.

Globi: Roman doughnuts recipe

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How Big Was Goliath?

IMG_3344          IMG_3348

We know that Goliath was big, really big. The Bible says he was 6 cubits and a span which is almost 9 1/2 feet tall. But how big is that really? To get a perspective we created a life-size poster of Goliath as part of our Family Worship Evening.

We first read the account of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17. We divided the Bible reading into parts so that each person read their part like when you are doing a play. The parts are: the narrator, Goliath, Jesse, the men of Israel, David, Eliab, Saul and Abner. It is good to have someone who can impart a lot of character and personality into the part of Goliath as he really adds a lot to the story. After the reading, we discussed the story and the lessons we learned that we can apply in our lives and our ministry. Afterwards we decided to find out how big Goliath was compared to ourselves.

I created a PDF file of a scale size image of Goliath that is divided into standard 8.5×11 sheets of paper. I printed these out on to full size shipping labels (sticker paper) so that it would be easy to stick on a large sheet. I then labeled the back of each piece of paper with the location grid number based on the master layout. This is important so you can remember where it goes when you put it together. Each of the pieces of paper print with cut guidelines so you can cut each piece out. Each piece is also printed with a little bit of overlap so that when you place each piece it will slightly overlap the adjoining pieces. We got a large (really really really big) piece of paper (about 8’x12′) and rolled it out on to the floor (we needed a really big space to do it). We had a master layout sheet showing where each piece goes and then we began to stick one piece after another on the giant sheet of paper like a puzzle. Once it was all done, we then hung it upright on a wall with tape. We needed a really tall wall to do this (10′ – 11′). Once on the wall we each took turns standing next to it to see how big Goliath really was. Wow, this guy was huge! You can really appreciate how courageous David was and how strong his faith in Jehovah was to challenge such a giant!

Attached below are PDF files with the master layout and all of the individual sheets. I only have sheets that actually have something printed on it. Pieces that were blank/white I did not print, so you will notice that nothing prints for all of the white pieces in the master layout. We started with one of the center pieces and worked out from there. You don’t have to use sticker paper, but could easily just use glue sticks or even just print and cut the pieces and then lay them out on the floor like a puzzle without any glue.

Click on these links below to download the project:

Goliath poster PRINT pages         Goliath poster layout


IMG_3352 IMG_3351 

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Watching JW.ORG Original Music Videos on an Amazon Echo Show

The JW.ORG skill for Alexa is great for anyone who owns one of the various Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. One of the things I like is the ability to play original songs by simply asking, “Alexa, play original songs from”.

Amazon has an Echo Show line of devices that include video screens. The one thing that the JW.ORG skill for Alexa can’t do yet is play the videos on JW.ORG, such as the music videos for the original songs. I really wanted to be able to do this so I went searching for a solution. I found that the Echo Show has a built in browser that can be used. If you own an Echo Show, here is how you can set it up to watch the music videos for the original songs page on JW.ORG:

  1. Start by telling “Alexa, open the Firefox browser”. This should display the Firefox browser that is built into your Echo Show.
  2. In the search/address bar of the browser enter “” and press GO. This will take you to the JW.ORG website.
  3. On the JW.ORG website you will see a navigation bar in the upper right corner that is an icon with three horizontal lines. Click on the icon, scroll down and select LIBRARY.
  4. Once the LIBRARY page loads, scroll down to the Videos section and select the See All box.
  5. On the Video page scroll down and select Music under the Video Categories.
  6. On the Music page (under Library > Videos) click on the See All box found under Original Songs. This will load the page that has all of the music videos for the original songs.
  7. Now at this point we want to pin this to the Firefox homescreen so we can quickly find this page in the future without having to navigate to it using all of the steps above. To do this you have to use your finger to scroll upwards. This will make the Firefox menu bar appear again. Press the pin icon on the menu bar. This will add the page to the homescreen.
  8. To start playing the music videos select Shuffle under where it says Original Songs. This will randomly select and start playing one of the music videos.
  9. The next step is to make the video play full screen instead of in a box. To do this scroll down a little bit so you can see the bottom of the music video that is playing. Now tap on the video with your finger to make a controls box appear. Press the fullscreen icon (two opposite arrows) on the far right. This will play the videos in fullscreen mode.
  10. You can tap on the screen again while a video is playing to open the controls box again. With the controls you can pause, fast forward, repeat, skip and control the volume.

Once you have done the above it is simple to play the music videos on your Echo Show. Now all you need to do in the future is say “Alexa, open the Firefox browser”. You can then press the shortcut box on the Firefox homescreen that is labeled jw. This will take you to the page with the music videos. From here select Shuffle and then press the fullscreen icon once it starts playing. Its not too hard once you set it up the first time. Hopefully in the future this capability will be added to the JW.ORG skill, but until then the above can enable you to enjoy the music videos on your Echo Show today.

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Make Ancient Dishes from Biblical Times

Have you ever wondered what meals were like during Bible times? A fun project can be to make some ancient dishes from Bible times that are based on ancient recipes found by archaeologists. The Biblical Archaeology Society has a recipe eBook that you can download. The eBook includes a collection of recipes, all in the hope to introduce you to a new—yet old—kind of cooking. If you have ever wanted to eat like an ancient Babylonian, Roman, etc., now you can. They have tracked down ancient recipes and tried to recreate them using modern ingredients, so that you, too, can enjoy these dishes. You will not only learn what ingredients and cooking methods were favored, but also the setting in which meals were typically shared and with whom. Take your family on a gastronomical adventure! You can download your free recipe eBook at the following link:

Recipes from the BAR Test Kitchen

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This simple and creative idea was submitted by one of our subscribers. She wrote, “I made up a game that is played like bingo. The card board carries the word “FAITH” in place of Bingo. I have about 100 cards and instead of numbers I use a Bible character name. Instead of calling out numbers for them to match, I have cards with the description of the Bible character.

We have played this after pioneer meetings, and when we go on unassigned territory“. Thanks for this great idea. If you have a unique idea please let us know in the CONTACT US section.

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Playing Bible Games on Zoom

Many of us have found ourselves quarantined at home due to the corona virus outbreak. Being able to associate with our friends can be a challenge, but with many of us using Zoom for our meetings we have a new option to have fun remotely. With Zoom you can setup your own free account and then can invite others to join your own private meeting. Here are some Bible games that can be played using Zoom.

Bible Charades – To play Bible Charades, all you need is to see others and your own imagination. Since Zoom gives all the players the capability to see each other, take turns acting out your favorite Bible character or story and see who can guess it first.

Bible Pictionary – To play Bible Pictionary you use the Whiteboard feature in Zoom. One person shares their screen and selects the whiteboard. The same person who is screen-sharing uses the tools on the toolbar to draw a picture of a Bible character or story. Everyone else’s tries to guess what the picture is. Each person can take turns sharing their screen and drawing while others try to guess.

Who Am I – This game is based on the Heads Up! Board Game but uses the Bible character cards from If everyone has some of the character cards printed out at home, then this game could easily be modified to be played over Zoom. See this previous post showing how to play this game: Who Am I Bible Character Game

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Installing Watchtower Library on a Mac

Over the years there have been several tools and instructions on how to get the Watchtower Library to run on a Mac. Since it is a Windows application it will not run natively without using some sort of Windows emulator that enables a Windows program to run on the Mac.

With the release of the latest macOS, Catalina, a lot of the previous methods to install and run the Watchtower Library on a Mac stopped working. Since I use a Mac I ran into this issue and had to figure out how to get it working again. I have created a separate page showing the steps to install and run the Watchtower Library on a Mac running macOS Catalina. If you need help with this you can find this page here: Installing Watchtower Library on a Mac with macOS Catalina

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Non-witness Relatives

This is not an idea for family worship, but is just a funny spoof of a Nike commercial. Anyone who grew up as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and had non-witness relatives will get this. Click the picture or link below to watch.


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Research Projects

We have found one of the most beneficial family worship evenings is when we do a family research project. We pick a subject and have each person research a different topic related to the subject. Each person does research and presents back to the family what they have learned. There are no rules on how the information is presented and each are encouraged to be creative. This makes the project more fun and interesting as each gets to express themselves in a way they are most comfortable. Doing the research helps develop good study skills and teaches one how to better use the Watchtower Library. Presenting the topic helps us all continue to develop our speaking skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

For our most recent Family Worship we chose the subject of prayer. The topics we researched were:

  • Improving one’s prayers
  • Public prayer
  • Head covering for women
  • When a householder wants to pray together and When a non-witness prays

We used a variety of ways to deliver the information. One was delivered as a talk, another as questions and answers, some as PowerPoint presentations and one as a video similar to the Sample Conversations on our mid-week meeting. Below are links to download some of the projects that we created. We all learned something new and found that doing research can be fun.

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