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Who am I?


This game is a fun way to use the Bible Character Cards that can be downloaded from The object of the game is to guess which bible character you are holding on your forehead. The game starts with all of the character cards being shuffled and then layed out face down on a table. Each person takes one card, without looking at it, and holds it on their forehead so everyone else can see it. Then taking turns, the other players will offer clues about the character until the person is able to guess their character. For example: If one player was holding up Noah, another player might give a clue such as, “This person once had to feed and clean up after a lot of animals.” The idea is to offer a challenging clue that is not too obvious, but still helps them figure out their character. The cards are great for younger players who may not know a lot about all of the characters as they can read the details about the person off of the card to get an idea of what clue to give.

We downloaded all of the Bible Character Cards from and then printed them using a computer printer and 8.5 x 11 photo paper. We found using photo paper or a heavy card stock type of paper makes the cards more durable and better to play games with.

We also played it using a commercially available game called Heads Up! Board Game that is basically the same game but includes headbands to hold the cards, a bunch of other cards for playing it without a Bible theme, and a timer. We used the headbands from this game to place the character cards on our foreheads during the game. This makes the game a little easier and fun, but isn’t necessary to play. Just holding the cards to your forehead works well too.

Another variation that we have played is where each person puts a Bible Character Card on their headband so that all players have one on their headband at the same time. We then would talk to each other as though we were in the Paradise and were meeting each Bible character. We would ask each other questions that we would want to ask that person if we met them. For example: If one player had Noah, another person might ask him, “What was the first meat you ever ate and did you enjoy it?”

There are lots of different ways you can play this game using the Bible Character Cards. Other options could be to play charades using the cards with a player selecting one and then acting out clues without talking. The Bible Character Cards provide a great way to learn more about the various people from the Bible.

Who Am I? Game  IMG_3448