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Assemble a Sound Car and Build Bethel

Sound car model

Here is a great way to combine learning about the modern history of Jehovah’s Witnesses with a hands-on craft. A brother in Pennsylvania is a very talented artist and has created a bunch of “theocratic” crafts that are sold on Two interesting ones are a model of a sound car and the original Watchtower building at 25 Columbia Heights, in Brooklyn New York. They are both downloadable PDF files that you can then print, cut out, and assemble. They also come with an assembly guide. One thing to note is that these models are very detailed and young ones will definitely require the help of someone older to cut them out and figure out how to assemble them. You can find the downloads of the models for sale on here. UPDATE: These are no longer being made available.

These can be used with family worship when discussing our modern history. One great source for articles is the “From Our Archives” series in recent Watchtowers. The August 2013 (Study Edition) has an article that discussed the use of a sound car. There is a great video about the sign on top of the Brooklyn Bethel building on called Sign of the Times as well as an article “The Watchtower Sign—A Longtime Brooklyn Landmark“. There are also lots of related information in the Proclaimers book ( Jehovah’s Witnesses – Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom).

Bethel model   Bethel model

Sound car model