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Bible Story Puzzles

Here is a simple and fun project that creates puzzles from Bible stories. First step is to find and print a picture illustrating a Bible story. Great resources are the books Lessons you can learn from the Bible and My Book of Bible Stories. Both of these can be found at If you use the online publication you can click on one of the pictures and print it out. The one we used is a picture of Noah’s ark from lesson 6 Eight Survive Into a New World from Lessons you can learn from the Bible.

After printing the picture cut it up into even squares, or if you want to make it challenging cut it up into random pieces. We have found using a paper cutter/trimmer makes it easy to cut even lines for projects like this. Now you have a simple puzzle to use when discussing a Bible story. One idea would be to mix up the pieces and work on trying to figure out what the Bible story is by putting the picture together. After solving the puzzle, you can then read and discuss the story together.