Research Projects

We have found one of the most beneficial family worship evenings is when we do a family research project. We pick a subject and have each person research a different topic related to the subject. Each person does research and presents back to the family what they have learned. There are no rules on how the information is presented and each are encouraged to be creative. This makes the project more fun and interesting as each gets to express themselves in a way they are most comfortable. Doing the research helps develop good study skills and teaches one how to better use the Watchtower Library. Presenting the topic helps us all continue to develop our speaking skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

For our most recent Family Worship we chose the subject of prayer. The topics we researched were:

  • Improving one’s prayers
  • Public prayer
  • Head covering for women
  • When a householder wants to pray together and When a non-witness prays

We used a variety of ways to deliver the information. One was delivered as a talk, another as questions and answers, some as PowerPoint presentations and one as a video similar to the Sample Conversations on our mid-week meeting. Below are links to download some of the projects that we created. We all learned something new and found that doing research can be fun.

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