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Virtual Bible Tours

Would you love to be able to have a tour of a museum with a knowledgeable guide who can show you art and artifacts that will make the Bible come alive? My Virtual Bible Tour Group does just that. They offer virtual tours of museums.

The tours focus on various displays and art can that teach you about the Bible. They have tours about Esther, the apostle Paul and his missionary tours, and Rembrandt’s Bible scene paintings. There are tours of the Smithsonian Natural Sciences museum that teach about creation.

The tours are free of charge and last about 1 hour and 30 minutes. They are offered using Zoom and at various times during the day and evening throughout the week and weekend. The tour guides are volunteers giving up their own time and resources for your benefit and encouragement. If you would like to show appreciation with a monetary gift to the tour guide you are welcome to do so and they can provide you with their contact information.

To learn more or to reserve a spot on a tour visit the website for My Virtual Bible Tours at .

Did the Apostle Paul like Doughnuts?

Maybe. The early Romans had a version of doughnuts call “globi”, which means balls in Latin. The recipe comes from a Roman soldier, politician and author named Cato the Elder who lived from 234-149 B.C.E. A book of his called De agri cultura  (On Agriculture) has survived down to today and contains some ancient Roman recipes including the one for globi. These little doughnut holes taste like a deep fried cheesy sweet doughnut. These treats are simple to make and could be a fun and delicious treat to enjoy during your family worship. Here is a link to the recipe on a website called A Dollop of History.

Globi: Roman doughnuts recipe

Make Ancient Dishes from Biblical Times

Have you ever wondered what meals were like during Bible times? A fun project can be to make some ancient dishes from Bible times that are based on ancient recipes found by archaeologists. The Biblical Archaeology Society has a recipe eBook that you can download. The eBook includes a collection of recipes, all in the hope to introduce you to a new—yet old—kind of cooking. If you have ever wanted to eat like an ancient Babylonian, Roman, etc., now you can. They have tracked down ancient recipes and tried to recreate them using modern ingredients, so that you, too, can enjoy these dishes. You will not only learn what ingredients and cooking methods were favored, but also the setting in which meals were typically shared and with whom. Take your family on a gastronomical adventure! You can download your free recipe eBook at the following link:

Recipes from the BAR Test Kitchen


This simple and creative idea was submitted by one of our subscribers. She wrote, “I made up a game that is played like bingo. The card board carries the word “FAITH” in place of Bingo. I have about 100 cards and instead of numbers I use a Bible character name. Instead of calling out numbers for them to match, I have cards with the description of the Bible character.

We have played this after pioneer meetings, and when we go on unassigned territory“. Thanks for this great idea. If you have a unique idea please let us know in the CONTACT US section.

Bible Story Puzzles

Here is a simple and fun project that creates puzzles from Bible stories. First step is to find and print a picture illustrating a Bible story. Great resources are the books Lessons you can learn from the Bible and My Book of Bible Stories. Both of these can be found at If you use the online publication you can click on one of the pictures and print it out. The one we used is a picture of Noah’s ark from lesson 6 Eight Survive Into a New World from Lessons you can learn from the Bible.

After printing the picture cut it up into even squares, or if you want to make it challenging cut it up into random pieces. We have found using a paper cutter/trimmer makes it easy to cut even lines for projects like this. Now you have a simple puzzle to use when discussing a Bible story. One idea would be to mix up the pieces and work on trying to figure out what the Bible story is by putting the picture together. After solving the puzzle, you can then read and discuss the story together.

Bible Town

Crafting a town from Bible times can help make a Bible story come alive. I found a website,, that has free, downloadable templates for crafting a variety of buildings, people, animals, and accessories from Bible times. All that is needed is a printer to print out the templates, scissors to cut out the items, and glue to put them together. The pdf downloads provide easy to follow instructions. One thing to note is that this website is not run by Jehovah’s Witnesses and does contain some content related to the holidays, so you will want to be selective in what you may choose to download.


Family Worship Projects

There is a great resource on for parents with younger children that you might have missed. It can be found on by going to Bible Teachings > Children > Family Worship Projects. While the content is not new, it does provide a new way to pull it all together for family worship. It provides a collection of great family worship projects that center on a common theme. Each is a collection of various activities on designed for children such as: Illustrated Bible Stories, Picture Activities, Study Activities, and Collect and Learn cards. The best part is that each project includes a Parent’s Guide with suggestions on how to use the activities during family worship.

For example, in the God Sends Moses to Egypt project it curates the illustrated bible story “God Sends Moses to Egypt” along with a coloring page of three of the ten plagues, a Who Said It? study activity where you match the picture up with who said the quote, and a bible character card for Aaron. The associated parent’s guide outlines the various bible verses that can be read  with each activity along with additional suggestions on how to to use them. This does a great job of pulling all of the activities together for a family worship evening.

Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger hunts are always a fun activity to do with a group of people. There use to be a feature in the back of the Awake! magazine called Children’s Picture Search. It would have three pictures that were from the magazine The goal was to find each picture and then describe what was happening. We have taken this idea and created two activities for different age groups using the publications.

The first is a picture search for children using the book Lessons you can learn from the Bible. The PDF file Picture Search – Lessons.pdf , downloadable below, contains 30 pictures that can be found in the book. Like the Awake! feature, the pictures are just small portions of larger pictures so it may take some careful looking to find them. See who can find each picture and then describe what is happening in the story. There is an answer sheet on the last page if you get stumped.

The second is a scavenger hunt using the Watchtower Online Library. The PDF file WOL Scavenger Hunt.pdf, downloadable below, has a list of 20 things to find pictures of in one of the publications found in the Watchtower Online Library. This one is a little more advanced and is designed for older children and adults alike. There is no answer sheet provided as there is no one specific picture for each item, although every item has been confirmed as having a picture that can be found. Any picture that meets the description counts. This activity will help all get better equipped at using the Online Library. Try using different methods to find the picture such as searching for a key word or topic, using the Research Guide, or looking through a specific publication that you know contains the subjects mentioned. Who can find all 20 first?

Picture Search using “Lessons you can learn from the Bible” download

Watchtower Library Scavenger Hunt download

Bethel World Headquarters at Warwick Model

There is a family who maintains a website They have all kinds of printable projects that are great options to make part of family worship. One awesome project is to build a model of the Bethel World Headquarters at Warwick. They have a free downloadable PDF file that you can print out on your printer. All it requires is cutting out the various pieces and glueing them together to create the model pictured. This would fit in well with a review of the 2017 Yearbook section about the branch relocation along with the many videos showing the progress of it’s construction:

New Neighbors at Warwick

Progress at Warwick

Supporting the Move to Warwick

Finding Volunteers for the Warwick Project

Young Workers at Warwick Honor Jehovah

Construction of Warwick Moving Ahead

Warwick Update No. 02

Warwick Update No. 01

World Headquarters—History Is Being Written

Building the Ark of the Covenant

I recently saw this picture from a family in Spain (Instagram @johnnyguitarrinchi) who built a model of the Ark of the Covenant. It looks like they used a box, some gold wrapping paper and made some cardboard cut-outs for the angels. Very creative!. This looks like a fun and easy project for a family. While it does not show the contents, I suspect they also made some things to represent the various items contained inside the ark. This could be nicely incorporated into a discussion of Chapter 25, A Tabernacle for Worship, in the book Lessons You Can Learn From the Bible.