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My Home In The Paradise

My Home In The Paradise

What do you imagine your home will be like in the paradise? This activity is a simple and fun activity for all ages. All you need is a few sheets of paper and some crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc. We created a simple plain sheet of paper with four scriptures in the upper corner:

ISAIAH 65:21-23, PSALM 72:16, ISAIAH 11:6, JOHN 5:28,29.

Each scripture highlights a future blessing in the paradise. We read and discussed each as a family first. Then we each drew a picture illustrating our home in the paradise. Part of the project was to incorporate the various scriptures into our drawing. After we were done, we each took turns explaining our picture and how we illustrated the scriptures in it. You can download a copy of the simple worksheet we used here: My Home In The Paradise worksheet

My Home In The Paradise      My Home In The Paradise

My Home In The Paradise

Explore a New Language on

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 9.11.29 PM

One of the goals we have explored as a family is learning a foreign language so as to be able to expand our ministry. The website is a great way to learn about new languages, and the countries and people who use that language.

Each person picked a country with a different language and did research about that country and language. On our family worship evening, each then gave a presentation about what they had learned. The presentations included:

  • Facts about where the country is located, the culture, unique food and animals, population, the number of publishers there,etc.
  • One experience from that country. The yearbooks are a great source for this.
  • A printed page from a publication in that country’s language. By using you can download and print a page in the desired language.
  • Using, go to one of the articles on the site and change the language to that of the your country. Then play the the record audio on the webpage of it being read in that language.

The Tabernacle Model


We found a great scale model of the Tabernacle. It is a plastic model kit that is very detailed and takes some skill to assemble. It included a high priest, 3 priests, a jar of manna, Aaron’s budded staff, the ten commandments stone, 3 sheep, 8 stands, an ark of the covenant, 3 lambs, 2 cows, a bread table, the altar of incense, the lamp stand, 2 breads, the altar of burnt offering, and a tree. The Tabernacle is built using posts and several layers of fabric representing the actual coverings used.

We used some flexstone spray paint to paint the base so it looked like the ground. We bought others paints (gold, brown, silver, etc) so we could paint the other pieces as nothing comes painted. The project takes several hours to build so it probably makes sense to build the project over a weekend.

We pull it out every year or so (especially if it is being discussed at a meeting that week) and take the coverings off and look at how it is constructed and all of the various parts that make it up. On there are numerous resources that can be downloaded and used for discussion:

You can find it sold several places online including The model we bought was made by Vision Video and is called The Tabernacle Making (Model) kit. It is a 1:90 scale model.

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